"The Gigantic Secret of the Christian"

by Father Brian J. Soliven on Sunday March 19, 2023

We all want happiness. It’s the universal truth, crossing all national boundaries, cultures, economic status, and religions. We cannot choose otherwise. All the decisions that we make each day, from the most minut to the biggest, all relate to that goal somehow. Even the mere act of getting up in the morning to a job we dislike, for example, is made to achieve happiness. The job allows me to earn a paycheck. The paycheck allows me to pay my mortgage. The mortgage gives me a warm, safe place to sleep and raise my family. Sleeping and being with my family makes me happy (at least when they are not getting on my nerves!). We all desire to be happy. Many of us make it our goal in life. However, for the Christian disciple, this type of happiness cannot be our main objective. This type of happiness will always depend on our circumstances. Our life experience tells us that we cannot control all of the events of our lives, as hard we try. We’re often left frustrated and sometimes, even bitter. We need a better definition of happiness.