God's Greatest Gift To You

Sunday July 25, 2021

The 49 Christians were bound in chains as they stood in front of the government official who was dressed in his finest robes. "Why have you transgressed the imperial decree?" He scolded them like little children.


What Is The Foundation Of Your Life?

Sunday July 11, 2021

Like a traumatic rerun from last summer, our community is again threatened by another raging wildfire. Over 80,000 acres have burned, numerous homes charred to rubble, and the end is still far from certain. Natural disasters such as these…


The Tale of Two Rebellions

Sunday July 4, 2021

I want to tell you the tale of two rebellions. The first one happened 245 years ago; the second happened 2600 years ago. One was right and just; the other was wrong and unjust. Each occurred against an authority figure, as all rebellions…


The Richest People In California

Sunday June 27, 2021

Our youth group just finished an eight-day, grueling, whirlwind pilgrimage of all 21 Catholic Missions (thank you to all who helped raise the $7,000, making the trip possible).


Why The World Needs Fathers

Sunday June 20, 2021

In the chaos of the world, fathers play a pivotal roll. When the storms rage, as we see in the Gospel reading, true godly men, like our Lord remain unbothered, even to the point of taking a lovely nap: "A violent squall came up and waves…


How To Deal With Your Pain

Sunday June 13, 2021

We all deal with pain. Regardless how we may appear on the outside, we all carry tremendous wounds, gangrene, broken, pus-pouring, wounds that fester from within.


Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Sunday June 6, 2021

Why do we always seem to look for happiness in all the wrong places? Whether it's wealth, honor, power, or pleasure the end result is the same -- an empty heart.


Holy Trinity Sunday

Sunday May 30, 2021

"What are you?" If we take the default answer of the world, we're nothing more than upright, walking monkeys. Smart, yes but you and I are simply better looking, smarter primates. We're the product an accident of the cosmos that evolved…


Pentecost Sunday: The Promise of Jesus Arrives

Sunday May 23, 2021

Don't believe the first lie. God's law does not stop us from living our best lives. We wrongly believe that somehow if I embrace the fullness of the Christian life, I will be less. Only in open rebellion--we can think to ourselves--can we…


Heaven Our True Home: Ascension Sunday

Sunday May 16, 2021

As beautiful as our lives can be, there's something greater that lies beyond. As we heard in the Second Reading today, St.