Without Pain There Can Be No Saints

Thursday June 1, 2023

Whatever vocation we embrace, marriage or celibacy, suffering will follow in some way. It's by design. We cannot escape it. However, with the eyes of faith, this suffering can be the catalyst for our holiness. Without pain, there can be no…


God is Boring... and That's the Best Part!

Wednesday May 31, 2023

The best part about God is how boring He is. He always uses the smallest, the least extravagant, and the underwhelming to accomplish his divine plans. 


A Miracle in our Midst?

Tuesday May 30, 2023

In the middle of America's Heartland, a monastery pierces the endless horizon of rolling hills and wheat fields. It's packed with young nuns who fill the air of their newly constructed chapel with harmonious ancient chants that evaporated…


Why St. Peter is Buried in Vatican City

Friday May 26, 2023

Christianity is more than a collection of ancient dos and don'ts. Rather, at its core, Christianity is about a relationship with the Incarnate Word of God, Jesus Christ. St.


Proclaiming Truth in Love

Thursday May 25, 2023

Jesus comes to unite us in the Truth. 


The Simple Mission of Jesus

Wednesday May 24, 2023

The mission of Jesus is simple -- unite the family of God back to the Trinity. He comes to restore the union we once had before the Fall of Adam and Eve. By his blood we are healed. 


A Window into the Heart of Jesus

Tuesday May 23, 2023

When we pray from the depths of our inner most heart, a pure, distilled, sense of our soul arises. All pretenses are removed. The masks come off. There's no one to impress. Jesus in today's stunning gospel, is in that very place.