What Hell Is Like

Sunday September 26, 2021

In over ten years of priesthood, I've only had two occasions when someone stormed out of the church because of something I said. The most recent occurred last Easter when I brought up the unpopular, often misunderstood topic of hell. Yes…


How To Be Great

Sunday September 19, 2021

What does it mean to be great? To be amazing? To be beautiful? For many of us, if we want to stand in the pantheon of the elite, we need the right exterior look, the massive bank account, the head-turning car, the stellar home worthy of…


How To Heal Your Heart

Sunday September 12, 2021

There's no escaping from suffering, no matter how hard we try. The only choice we have is what to do with the pain. The world tells us to medicate the pain, with drink or drugs; ignore the pain through the incessant buying of things. We…


Praying the Mass Like A Pro

Sunday September 5, 2021

If you want to pray the Mass like a pro, all it takes is your "heart". I'm not talking about the English connotation of the word, which is easily reduced to mere emotions or superficiality. I'm speaking of the biblical and profound idea of…


Why Men Must Kneel

Sunday August 22, 2021

Imagine the human heart from God's perspective. Granted with the gift of freewill, how can he convince you and I, to love him and give him the totality of our heart? In the Scripture readings today at the Holy Mass, he reveals his crazed…


The Woman And The Dragon

Sunday August 15, 2021

Our First Reading for Mass today kicks off with a battle from the last book of the Bible: "Then the dragon stood before the woman about to give birth, to devour her child when she gave birth." (Revelation 12:4). Do you remember the last…


When You Reach Your Breaking Point

Sunday August 8, 2021

We all have our breaking point. For some it comes sooner; for others, it comes like a "thief in the night." All it takes is one pivotal event, a happenstance of heartbreak, a thud in the chest which makes it seem like we're breathing sand…


Do You Desire More From Life?

Sunday August 1, 2021

Are you hungry? I don't mean the "hungry" as in your appetite for steak and potatoes.


God's Greatest Gift To You

Sunday July 25, 2021

The 49 Christians were bound in chains as they stood in front of the government official who was dressed in his finest robes. "Why have you transgressed the imperial decree?" He scolded them like little children.


What Is The Foundation Of Your Life?

Sunday July 11, 2021

Like a traumatic rerun from last summer, our community is again threatened by another raging wildfire. Over 80,000 acres have burned, numerous homes charred to rubble, and the end is still far from certain. Natural disasters such as these…