The First Miracle of Jesus

Sunday January 16, 2022

There are few things in life as joyful as a wedding reception. It touches the depths of the human heart, which instinctively longs for love. So when we see it in action in the union of a woman and man in holy matrimony, we cannot help but…


Baptism of the Lord and Our True Identity

Sunday January 9, 2022

We’re all amazing at putting up fronts for others. We try to project an image that we’ve got it all together, that we’re fine and dandy, and in total control. Yet despite our mastery, God sees through our facade with crystal clarity. He…


The Epiphany of the Lord

Sunday January 2, 2022

Epiphany means manifestation. What the Church celebrates today is the manifestation of our Lord to the whole world; after being made known to the shepherds of Bethlehem He is revealed to the Magi who have come from the East to adore Him. 


Something About Mary

Saturday January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2022, we begin where Jesus human life began -- with his Mother Mary. Through her Jesus enters into our world as a son. His Incarnation as a baby has radical new implications for you and I, in fact, for…


What Makes a Family Holy?

Sunday December 26, 2021

The first Sunday after Christmas is always Holy Family Sunday, the patrons of which our parish is named after. What makes for a "holy" family? The life of Jesus, Mary his mother, and his foster father Joseph gives us a clue. If we want our…


Christmas Morning

Saturday December 25, 2021

The freezing hurricane-like wind felt like a slap in the face, it was hard to breathe. The snow drifts made it impossible to know when the edge of the road ended and the cow pasture began. It was the epitome of what mountain people call "…


The God That Wears a Diaper

Sunday December 19, 2021

I can understand why some people think Christianity is a soft religion. After all, the God we proclaim wore a diaper. He drooled and cried. His mother Mary rocked him to sleep, probably singing lullabies. Even more so, this God of ours in…


Never Stop Dancing

Sunday December 12, 2021

October 7th, 1571: the largest navel battle in history was about to begin. The two fleets barreled toward one another as the future of Christian Europe hung in the balance. The commander of the flagship of the Catholic armada, Don John of…


How God Looks At You

Sunday December 5, 2021

Have you ever wondered what God thinks when he looks upon you? It's a strange question, I know. It's even stranger to imagine that God even spends any time pondering us. Yet he does. If you are a parent, you may have an insight into the…


The Return of the True King

Sunday November 28, 2021

Christianity is a waiting religion. We wait for the Him who promised to return to us. We wait for Him in a world that sees no value in waiting. It entices us to take, to accumulate, to seek after the passing glittery things.