How to Unite Our Suffering to Jesus

Thursday July 18, 2024

The Incarnation changes how we deal with our suffering. God is not longer out there somewhere in the ether, indifferent to our pain. Rather, he is in us. Once we realize that, the yoke becomes easy and the burden light. 


We Need More Jesus

Friday July 12, 2024

When someone asked billionaire John D. Rockefeller, how much money was enough? He famously said, "one more dollar." For us Christians, if someone asked how much Jesus is enough, our reply should always be similar, "More Jesus!" More Jesus…


The Father's Heart Burns For You

Wednesday July 10, 2024

Jesus Christ reveals the Father's heart for you and I. That is why he sends his son into the world, to seek and gather the lost. That's the drama of Christianity, pure and simple. 


The Miracle People

Monday July 8, 2024

Expecting miracles is part of our Christian DNA. Story after story in Scripture, we see the disciples of Jesus Christ acting boldly, reckless in faith, to the point of looking ridiculous. Yet, this should not surprise us. God has come down…


The Risk of Following Jesus

Thursday July 4, 2024

People who say religion is a "crutch" that we use to feel better about ourselves, like a warm bottle of milk or a bedtime story, have no idea what they're talking about. Following Christ on the narrow road always involves risk. It commands…


How Big is Your God?

Wednesday July 3, 2024

From the papacy to the Eucharist, to the Sacrament of Confession to the resurrection itself, the scandalous disagreements between Christian denominations can boiled down to our minuscule preconceived notions of God. In other words, we like…


When the Storms Come

Sunday June 23, 2024