Tetons mountain range

"Yes, You. I Choose You."

by Father Brian J. Soliven on Wednesday September 21, 2022

Love baffles me. The mystery of how one chooses another never ceases to amaze poets and artists alike throughout the centuries. Imagine what it takes to say, "Yes, you. I choose you." Me, why me? St. Matthew would have felt utterly dumfounded in today's Gospel when Jesus calls to him, "Follow me" (Cf. Matthew 9:9). Matthew was a Tax Collector, hated above all us. He was seen as a traitor with the Romans, a deceiver, the most crooked of them all. And yet Jesus choose the "ugly". You see, that is what divine love does, even when all human love fails us. Jesus choses you and I, the unworthy scoundrels that we think we are. He points to us and says, "Yes, you. I choose you."