Group of priests

What's The Big Deal About Mary?

by Father Brian J. Soliven on Friday August 5, 2022

We could hardly believe it. Here we were half-way across the world and we ran into brother priests from our same city. "What are you doing here?" We blurted out in excitement. "We're leading a pilgrimage group from Sacramento." The unexpected surprise happened in one of the oldest churches dedicated to the Blessed Mother in the Christian world. Founded in 432, the basilica is one of Rome's most magnificent ancient churches. The marble columns that support the golden ceiling were repurposed from Roman pagan temples as Christianity took deeper root in the empire. With a loving devotion to the Mother of God, we shouldn't have been shocked to see fellow priests in a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. From the very beginning, Christians always honored her as we do today. I invite you to listen to found why asking for her intercession is in our blood.