Brother and sister in front of church

My First Sermon: "Satan Is Afraid Of Us!"

by Father Brian J. Soliven on Sunday July 3, 2022

So it begins. My first weekend commences as the pastor of St. Mary's Vacaville. I'm eager and excited to see what the Lord wants to do here at this parish. Even my sister drove all the way here to come to my first Mass and support her little brother.

One thing is for certain -- if I do my job well, Satan will be terrified of this place. As priests, we're tasked to transform sinners to saints and peons to prophets. To take what Original Sin has sundered and reconcile it back to our Heavenly Father. I want the demons to warn each other, "Don't go to that part of Vacaville! The Christians there are too strong." If we cling to the Lord, I guarantee you, they will quiver in their hooves at the mere sight of us.