What Is The Foundation Of Your Life?

by Father Brian J. Soliven on Sunday July 11, 2021

Like a traumatic rerun from last summer, our community is again threatened by another raging wildfire. Over 80,000 acres have burned, numerous homes charred to rubble, and the end is still far from certain. Natural disasters such as these forces us to remember just how little in control we truly are. We like to think of ourselves as masters of the universe but our grasp on the reins hangs by a pinky. Life can change in an instant: an electrical spark in an outlet here, an intoxicated driver that veers into our lane there, or in our current dilemma, one pretty lightning bolt in a groove of trees and everything is different.  We must ask ourselves in moments such as these, "What is the foundation of my life?" In the Gospel reading today, Jesus offers us something all together more solid.