Why Jesus Calls 12 Apostles

Tuesday September 12, 2023

In today's Gospel, we witness Our Lord calling the 12 Apostles for the first time. For the first century hearer, this detail is life-changing. It means only one thing -- the ancient prophecies are being fulfilled. 


No Hay Amor Sin Sacrificio

Sunday September 10, 2023


Love Always Requires Sacrifice

Saturday September 9, 2023



Friday September 8, 2023

The woman foretold by God after the fall of Adam and Eve is now born (Cf. Genesis 3:15). The mother from whom Christ would come forth has arrived. The ancient serpent seethes in anger, knowing his days are numbered.


He Wants You

Thursday September 7, 2023

This morning in the Gospel reading, Jesus gets into Peter's boat. This has always been seen as God's invasion into our lives, despite our ugliness. He wants us. Often times we wrongly think that we have to be put together, perfect, and…


What Jesus Brings to Humanity

Wednesday September 6, 2023

This morning we kicked off our inaugural 6:30am Wednesday daily Mass. It's my hope to serve the needs of the people who desire to receive Jesus in the Eucharist before going to work or school. I thought if we could get 15 people, it would…


Secret to Healthy Relationships

Sunday September 3, 2023


Man's Search For Meaning

Tuesday August 29, 2023

Without God, our lives have little lasting meaning. We're told life is about the pursuit of things and pleasures, with no reference to the deeper aspects of our hearts. Even so, we intuitively grasp that were made for more. Follow that…


"Why Are You Catholic?"

Monday August 28, 2023

If someone asked you, “Why are you Catholic?” How would you respond? It’s an important question for us to reflect upon. Why are we Catholic, as opposed to another religion? If you drive around Vacaville, there are plenty of other options…


¿Por Qué Eres Católico?

Sunday August 27, 2023

Si alguien te preguntara: "¿Por qué eres católico?" ¿Cómo responderías? Es una pregunta importante sobre la cual debemos reflexionar. ¿Por qué somos católicos y no de otra religión? Si conduces por Vacaville, hay muchas otras opciones para…