EASTER SUNDAY: You Can Stop Searching Now

Sunday April 17, 2022

Enter Easter Sunday. Enter into the resurrection. The death of Jesus Christ was thought to be a triumph of the Pharisees and Romans. However, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ bursts out of the stoney tomb.


Good Friday: Trust Me

Friday April 15, 2022

This Friday goes on like the rest. The Christian, however, gasps a deep breath. Something is different. Someone is missing. I look more intensely but not with my eyes. The Virgin Mother wails in the distance as soldiers walk by.


Holy Thursday: LOVE LOVE LOVE

Thursday April 14, 2022

Each year, the Gospel reading for Holy Thursday always pierces my heart. It begins: "Jesus knew that his hour had come


Holy Week Begins

Sunday April 10, 2022

Holy Week is upon us. It commences with a procession outside, with waving palm branches in hand. We mimic the crowds that trumpeted Jesus Christ entrance into the city of Jerusalem. However, these same voices that heralded him would…


Why God Does NOT Exist

Sunday April 3, 2022

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many people to believing in God's existence is the problem of suffering. If your God exists, I'll often hear, then why do horrible things happen? Why do little kids get cancer? Why did God let my…


Why We Give

Sunday March 27, 2022

As Christians, have you ever why God calls us to give? We all have plenty of bills that need our attention. We have home projects, car repairs, gas to buy, groceries to spend on, that all require our hard-earned money.


Nothing To See Here

Sunday March 20, 2022

The Christian sees the world differently than anyone else. We look with eyes of faith, penetrating far beneath the surface of things. In fact, you can even say we have Superman-like powers. A burning bush you say? No I see the revelation…


Who Gives You Your Identity?

Sunday March 13, 2022

Who gives you your identity? It's the question of all questions. For from our identity, flows the manner in which we live. How I answer will determine the course of my life.


The Christian Life Will Always Leave Scars

Sunday March 6, 2022

The Christian life lived well will always leave scars. We're called to love like Jesus in full totality, without counting the cost. The greek word "agape", which is translated into "love" in English means to desire the greatest good of the…


The Glory of Ash Wednesday

Wednesday March 2, 2022

It has begun! Lent is here. It's one of my favorite liturgical seasons of the entire year. The forty days mimic the time Jesus spent in the desert before beginning his public ministry.